About Us

Wioboy is a well-established distributor and marketer of disposable air filtration products. Using a variety of media, including polyester and fiberglass, wioboy has a broad range of air filter products, configurations, and efficiencies.

The current products are primarily marketed to spray finish booths applications. A wide range of filters is used by companies producing a vast array of finished products including automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, office equipment, furniture, aircraft, and an assortment of other industrial and consumer items.

To maximum meet the consumer needed, we accept customize offers for various paint booths and other applications.

We ship out the items with FedEx Ground, the usual delivery period is 1 to 4 business days. We take care all the shipment issues.

You can return the item for any reasons within 30 days since you received it.

Please feel free to contact info@wioboy.com or chat with us if you have any questions.